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We are blessed to make a difference in the lives of those we serve and work hard to meet the very specific and individualized needs of each family.

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Matthew’s Story:  Matt needed assistance with opening and closing the front door of his home and reached out to us for help. Because of the limited use of his hands, the dynamics of his project were very specific.  He needed an automatic door opener that could be controlled through a device on his wheelchair.  We were very blessed to serve Matt and his family. This project not only gave him more independence, but it gave him and his family an increased sense of safety and peace of mind.  
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Karen’s Story:  Karen reached out to Livable Arrangements because her bathroom and bedroom were not accessible.  The bathroom door was too narrow and she could not bring her walker in with her, she had no grab bars nor bath tub transfer seat to utilize her tub. The vanity was too low and caused her much discomfort when trying to perform task as simple as brushing her teeth.  Her bedroom was cluttered with clothes and other items because she had inadequate and bulky storage containers.  In addition, she had a bed that caused her already challenged muscles great discomfort.  We were blessed to make a difference in Karen’s life and help her live more independently and function safely around her home. 
Bathroom 1
Bathroom 3
After 1
Bathroom 4
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Goldie’s Story:  Ms. Goldie had a chair in which to sit to take a shower, but was having difficulty maneuvering her walker over the 5″ shower threshold and the narrow glass enclosure door which was malfunctioning.  She also needed grab bars and a more manageable and functional shower fixture control and handheld shower sprayer.