Can you imagine waking up one morning, going about your day and before the day is over you are in the hospital being diagnosed with a debilitating condition or disease. Before you know it, you have to rely on a walker or a wheelchair to get around. Consider the impact of such a life altering experience.
Think of what it would be like if you could not get through the doors in your home or maneuver your wheelchair down the hallway? Would you be able to get in and out of the bath tub or prepare a meal if your stove was no longer within safe reach? Consider the struggle of managing household expenses and an onslaught of medical bills that came with your diagnosis.
Would you be able to finance the much needed changes that would transform your home into a place of healing? Changes that would make living with your condition or illness just a little bit easier for you and your family? Changes that would restore your independence?
For many leaving hospitals, rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities, these are challenges they face every day. Numerous people born with a debilitating condition or disease and the aging live with this reality. They live in homes that jeopardize their safety and negatively impact their overall health and independence. Even more, for a large portion of aging people and those with physical disabilities, their lives are punctuated by isolation. They need someone to be there for them, to help alleviate some of their daily struggles.
You can make a DIFFERENCE. Join us in reflecting God’s love in action for  HELP, HOPE, HEALING!
Permission: Julie Kubala, Sante Operations
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