Who Are We

Livable Arrangements, Inc. is a nonprofit organization, born out of a vision that combines faith and love for God with a passion for design as a vehicle to address the needs of aging people and those with physical disabilities. 
We provide home modification and remodeling services to make homes more accessible and livable. Our services range from re-designing a kitchen with accessible appliances  for wheelchair users and multi-level counters open underneath, remodeling a bathroom with low or no-threshold showers or accessible tubs, widening doorways, and more. Livable Arrangements works with families, construction industry and medical professionals to determine what is needed and with the help of volunteers we work to accomplish those goals in the most functional and aesthetically satisfying ways. We use colors and other design elements strategically to soothe, calm, and even energize.
 Permission: Julie Kubala, Sante Operations
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